Patterned behavior

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Days of low light and long nights repeat. I'm looking forward to sunnier skies and taking comfort in the daily routine.

whiskers on kittens

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Winter walk

A new knit hat for winter walks in the park (and commutes to work).

Winter walk

Winter walk

Ravelry Page.


A new year.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Another great Coriander Girl bouquet. 
 (a lovely Coriander Girl bouquet from last year)

The first week of the new year always zips by. I'm in awe of how fast time passes these days. I hope it's not too late to chime in with my goals for the new year.

*Have guests over once a month. (At the very least it forces me to clean up, ha).
*Visit a museum or gallery at least once a month (this is why I wanted to move to a large cultural city in the first place!)
*Get down to business with my finances! Less credit, more savings. (I'm the kind of person who can only save if the money disappears from my account into a place that is very difficult to access.)
*Bake one new recipe a month, then give most of the results away. (after taste testing, of course.)
*Continue going to the gym with Jim, we've got a good routine going.
*Shoot more photos.
*Read one book a month.
*Shut off the computer one night a week.
*Be the first to call friends to get together.
*Release my first sweater pattern. Then release at least one more.
*Grow a balcony garden come spring.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and that your new year is well on its way to being a wonderful one.
My song for ringing in the new year.


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