Christmas craft bug.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Good Night, Day Pattern
I've been bitten by the crafting bug. Tara-Lynn, extraordinary knitter/designer behind Good Night, Day, created a gorgeous booklet of her knitting patterns. In a weekend I completed the Simcoe Headband and started on a Meaford Cowl. What I appreciated most, as a knitter, was her helpful customization instructions with each pattern to make them to your own specifications!

Grainline whale ornaments
Next, I went absolutely crazy for Jen's Narwhal ornament pattern. I rushed out for the proper supplies and headed to the Workroom to use one of their machines (thank goodness for the Workroom!). My favorite part of making these whales had to be sewing on the sequins (though, now I know why sequined garments cost so much, it is a labour of love to sew each one on!).

Grainline Whale Pod


  1. Those ornaments are completely and totally awesome.

  2. Ah, these are so good! I am in love with the orca ornaments! Also, your engagement ring is so pretty. Happy Christmas!

  3. You are so cute! You actually inspired me to put Tara-Lynn's book on my wishlist. Her knits are so amazing, I may as well attempt them for myself. Also, your polish is the perfect touch of holiday sparkle.

  4. That headband is so cute. Looks like a fast knit.

  5. The headband is super beautiful, and I love love LOVE the narwhal/whale ornaments!!!

  6. So dang adorable. I hope I get some time to make a few things in the coming days ... the holidays just don't quite feel right without a little craftiness.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Narwhal!!! I love it. These are so cute. Do you have an Etsy page?

  8. I love the simcoe headband, that is so nice. The cable looks great running along the middle. I love your whales they are so cool!



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