Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh

Vacations seem to be over in an instant, but sharing pictures of my trip to Scotland here is helping me remember all the wonderful adventures (and travel mishaps) Jim and I had in June. The Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh was my favorite destination of the whole trip, including the gorgeous Sunday morning walk to get us there. The Rhododendron were new to me - I spotted them all over Scotland and was thrilled to find a whole section of the gardens devoted to them. Check them out below.

In addition to Scotland, I'm also really into:
1. Jenny Gordy's new Brooklyn Tweed patterns. I just purchased the Fjord pattern and I look forward to knitting it for fall.
2. Jessica Stanley's guest post on Vic's blog about basketball. I played basketball in high school, and despite lacking a talent for it, I love it so. It's so lovely to read about another girl who loves it too.
3. Frames on Miss Moss. I've always thought the frames in art galleries rival the beauty of their contents.

Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh

All photos of me were taken by J.

Royal Botanical Gardens EdinburghRoyal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh

Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jim and I traveled to Scotland at the beginning of June and I have so much to show you, it's hard to know where to begin. In the meantime, I'll start with these random shots from Edinburgh to give you a feel for the city.

Also, you may notice that things are different around here all of a sudden. I purchased a new blogger template from Blog Milk and I love the simplicity of the design. I highly recommend her templates - this one was so easy to install.

Check out the link up top to quickly access and view all my knitting patterns. It was time again something new, especially after all the new experiences I had traveling.


Edinburgh, alleyway

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