Recommended Read: An Object of Beauty

Thursday, 8 December 2011

An Object of Beauty 
  (note: the blue wall!)

I bought Steve Martin's An Object of Beauty, last fall, when it was new on the shelves. I was taken with its stunning design and happy to fork over my precious pennies for such a beauty (pardon my use of the word). However, in the midst of my hectic year it was push aside. I had forgotten all about it until I began to pack up my book shelves for the move.

An Object of Beauty is a love letter, of sorts, to the world of art collecting and art dealers. It follows the career trajectory of the ambitious Lacey Yeager who works her way up the ranks only to succumb to the consequences of her own  ruthlessness. I found myself wavering between the reader eager for comeuppance and a cheerleader for what the book jacket declares to be a lost cause. The tone of the book was surprisingly moralizing, but overall thoroughly entertaining.

Lexie, little boat: Thank you! Daylight savings throws me off every time! I miss the sun! Though soon the days will get longer again. :)
Anonymous: Another librarian, awesome. I work in a special library doing index and reference of/regarding government documents.
Michelle: Thank you! The lack of daylight is certainly what influences me to choose brighter colors for my wardrobe than usual.
Julie: Yay, indeed :).


Julie said...

ooh, I'm intrigued! I read his Shopgirl years ago, and it was... okay.

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