The Broadcast Sweater

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Broadcast Sweater

"I absolutely love fashion. I love doing new things and finding ways to swerve in a different direction. But one of the reasons why I try to use fabrics and cuts that don’t go out of fashion is because I like the idea of women buying the clothes and then… I don’t know what the word is… cherish sounds over-emotional for a relationship with a piece of clothing… but for a woman to feel proud, satisfied, comfortable and powerful in them, to wear them and get on with their lives."
Phoebe Philo  (a designer I greatly admire)

Designing a sweater pattern has been on my to-do list for a long time. As long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a fashion designer - my grade six yearbook says "Likely to be a fashion designer living in a loft in NYC". While it's not the career path I've chosen, knitting allows me to fulfill my designing dreams. It took awhile for my knitting skills to catch up with my ambition, but I'm getting there.

The Broadcast Sweater is named after a seeding technique where seeds are scattered by hand or machine over soil. In the same way seed stitch covers the sweater and cables grow connect the arms to the neck.

I have some wonderful test-knitters editing the pattern and hope to have it ready for release in December. I am very excited to see the results!

Ravelry Page

Broadcast Sweater

Julie: You may indeed borrow it! I think I may have held a book or two of yours hostage, so we're even. ;) I think I definitely fit into the dessert-atarian category.
Siubhan: What a funny coincidence! You must pick up a copy. :)
Jessica: Thank you so much for the recommendation! I am going to need that series when Downton ends.
Alison: Glad to hear you, too, have a food you're not a fan of. ;) Cilantro does tend to overwhelm, doesn't it? Miss you!
Carol-ine: Haha, leave us picky eaters alone! Apple galette seems much easier to me to make than a whole pie, I hope you try it. :)
Nicola Lynde: Yay! Thank you.
Kate: I need all the advice I can get with Photoshop! Thank you so much for sharing that tip. I'm so sorry about your Montreal trip, a break-in certainly would make for bad memories.


madder said...

Gorgeous! I love the texture from the seed stitch. And the cables are subtle and so pretty.

erica said...

mmm, loving the cables on this sweater!

Laura said...

Love this Erica -- especially the cable raglan!

jen said...

This sweater is totally gorgeous. Love the cable raglan + can't wait for the pattern...congrats!

Eliza said...

what a lovely sweater! timeless but interesting.

Julie said...

ooh, such lovely photos!! Love love love.

Michelle said...

such a beautiful sweater! I am going to be taking a Learn To Knit class very soon (I need a refresher). My goal is to knit socks (I've had this goal for years now haha) this winter.

Alison said...

Absolutely stunning!
Perhaps you'd be willing to sell such pieces in the future! Or at least I hope you will!

Amanda said...

A beautiful basic sweater. Looking forward to the pattern's release!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

what a beautiful sweater!

Monica said...

love it!! I wished I could knit a piece as beautiful as this sweater. truly an inspiration.

elskan said...

Erica, you are amazing! The sweater couldn't be more perfect and timeless. I could imagine wearing this sweater for many years and passing it down to my daughter, never going out of style.
I love the origin of the name (scattering of the seeds) & being a small town Manitoba girl myself I know how true you are to your roots. The farmlands & prairies are forever in your heart and it shows in your craft!
Please keep creating & sharing, your blog is my favorite.
xo Amanda

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