Friday, 2 September 2011

Sometimes, it's just nice to sit on a dock and let time go by. 

My cottage vacation was wonderful and I miss it already! The cottage is a few hours north of Toronto and I was delighted by the slight nip in the air signaling the arrival of fall. Jim and I swam in the lake every day, it was so cold it took the air right out of our lungs.

September marks the beginning of my very favorite season. Though I love many of the things summer has to offer, I am always anticipating the arrival of fall. As a knitter, I think the best part about the colder weather is the opportunity to layer on cozy knitted garments.

So, farewell to swimming in lakes, watermelon, summer breeze, ice cream cones and sweaty noses.

Bring on warm blankets, pumpkin pie, falling leaves, hot chocolate and flushed cheeks.

p.s. I've re-designed my blog a little and I've noticed that it doesn't work in all browsers. Does the header show up in a fancy script font or just in Arial font for you? I am curious to know.


yoel: thanks!
Monica: Great minds indeed!


Carlene said...

Script (I'm using Safari on a Mac).

(If it could be fall for a month, then summer again, I'd be all for that.)

evencleveland said...

Sounds ideal! Happy weekend.

Arial for me (Safari on a Mac).

postpostpostscript said...

I also can't wait for fall!

Script for me (Chrome on a Mac).

Lexie, Little Boat said...

it shows up in a fancy font for me (i am on firefox on a dell computer)! i love the new look!

Jennifer said...

Fancy font for me! (Chrome on a MacBook).

I'm totally with you about fall--I am so tired of clammy, sticky days and thrilled by the hint of cool, dry breezes we've had since Irene left. Cozy sweaters, cider donuts, crisp air, the smell of woodsmoke in the evening air... C'mon Autumn--we're waiting for you!

Julie said...

Yay!! Glad you had such an awesome time at the cottage! I'm totally ready for fall as well- bring on the cozy knits and hot chocolate!

Michelle said...

fancy script (Safari on a Mac)

As much as I love summer, I am getting excited for what fall has in store this year. I already have Pumpkin Chai from David's Tea and have enjoyed a number of Pumpkin Spice Lattes (don't even get me started on my pumpkin scented purchases from Bath and Bodyworks) :D

v. said...

hi Erica,

it shows up in the script on my mac, using chrome.

I really like the redesign. the left alignment is much easier to read. the font it nice, too.

happy fall! Vanessa

margaux said...

fancy font! just found your blog via knitted bliss :-)

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