Diana Mini Success!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


My apologies for my extended absence - last week started off rather busy, then I ended up with the chicken pox!  Not recommended, to say the least.

Making up for it are my first successful Diana Mini photos! The majority of the roll is still out of focus, but I'm so happy I'm getting better at figuring out this adorable but tricky camera. I'm so smitten with the gorgeous blue tones from my lazy days at the cottage with J. I'm thinking of framing one or two for our 'soon-to-be-blue' bedroom. Soon-to-be, because we have yet to hang our navy curtains or pick from the samples of blue paint colors, but folks, it will happen.

However, I think I'll leave that for a day I'm not covered in calamine lotion...


First of all, thank you so much for letting me know whether or not you see the fancy font. I'm glad to read that most of you do see it, and I will see about fixing it so that everyone can!

Carlene: Fall, with summer to follow doesn't sound bad, at all.
evencleveland: It was lovely. I hope you're having a wonderful week!
postpostscript: I keep telling the warm days to make way for cool breezes!
Lexie, Little Boat: Thank you! I hope the class you're teaching is lovely.
Jennifer: Autumn is going to be so good.
Julie: We're pretty biased about sweater weather ;).
Michele: oooh, pumpkin chai is my absolute favorite.
v.: thank you, I'm glad to hear it.
margaux: isn't Julie's blog great?


Julie said...

you had chicken pox?! Oh wow!! You poor thing. no wonder you've been MIA! The Diana photos look AWESOME.

kelli ann said...

the pictures look great! i used my diana+ a lot while i was in croatia... but i'm still waiting for the film to be developed. i'm always surprised at how happy i am with the pictures it takes. my non-photo savvy friends are always really confused about why i'm carrying around a plastic child's toy. oh well, it's worth it!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

i cant believe you had chicken pox! i'm glad you're ok now!

i'm torn between ordering a diana mini or a kodak instax... these pictures are *so* beautiful!

Viva said...

You had chicken pox! Oh no!!! Feel better lady - we have to grab a coffee! Not being in school makes me feel like I don't see ANYONE!

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