Picking colours.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Picking colors

I'm really excited to pick paint colours with Jim for our apartment.
The blues are for one room and the greys are for another.
The grey walls are very inspired by Austin Gros' home as featured on Pennyweight. They will be a lot lighter than my old wall.

Thank you all for your cat hair tips! I have both a comb and a rubber brush for them, as well as cat wipes. They seem to be pretty effective and I am looking forward to putting your tips into action!

K: They are very forgivable with their sweet faces. I did scold poor Cleo today, but then gave her lots of pets, oh boy.
Caroline: they are impossible to resist! I always take pictures of cats on the streets, too. 
The Ponycats: The fluffy blanket idea is so smart! They would love that. I love that your Mom recommended the Danish Poet in the first place! haha, Moms are the best. (ps. I love huge comments!)
Julie: I can't wait to try your damp cloth technique!


erica said...

Ooh painting! We decided to move (oct 1) but the place was painted a year ago, so I don't think we'll paint. I do want to get wall stickers from blik for leon's room. I would love to have all of my rooms difft shades of gray.

t a n y a said...

okay. love this photo.

grey walls are great. I used a Behr grey called Gentle Rain for my bedroom.

Amanda said...

Lovely photo! Seeing the way the light hits different colours is such a fun process, and so exciting because it can totally change the mood of the room. I love that passport blue!

Julie said...

ooh, tough call!! I like that the blues and greys will all work together, though- I hate it when you;re somewhere and each room is painted a colour that is completely out of harmony from the rest of the home.

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