Nap time.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Nap time.

I spent a day with the cats before work. Cleo likes to sleep beside me.
Note: lingering moving boxes in the background.
*This series has been a little cat-con heavy, mea culpa. Living with pets is very new to me and I break out my camera whenever they do something adorable, which is most(all) of the time. (This made me laugh)
On that same note, fellow cat owners, what is your cat hair strategy?


seasidelimbs: They are ChiaoGoo Bamboo Needles. They were a little tough to work with at first, but now they're a dream.
The Ponycats: Thanks :)
fraisedesbois: I'm looking forward to it, too!
Yarn Hobbit: Well, it's pretty tame, just a delicious glass of homemade lemonade. 
Julie:  hahaha! I love it! Hoppy will hate me. 
jen/grainline: I can't wait to show you! Speaking of patterns, can't wait for yours, either.
Bibi: merci! moi aussi ;).


K said...

One never really gets over the cuteness that are cats. I have found myself forgiving a burrowed nap in a basked of clean, folded laundry.

The roller lint brush that is layers of masking tape is the best I've found for cat hair on clothing. For furniture, a well-placed towel in a favourite spot and a good, small furniture beater attachment for the vacuum have been my favourite tricks.

caroline said...

I'm like you! I can't stop myself from not taking pictures of cats doing normal cat things. and get this, I don't even own a cat (it's been several years since I had a cat :( ). cats are the cutest little animal in the world. and regarding cat hair, like ^ said, hair the rolly clothing tape rollers work the best. they have one specifically for animal fur which is a bit more stickier and will get all the little furs off your clothes.

The Ponycats said...

Cleo is adorable!!! I love this photo. Let me tell you the truth I'm a cat owner and I struggle with the hairs and that's just how it is, but a few tips are to brush them often, thoroughly!! They shed a lot less and all the hair (and the dust) stays on the brush, keep a sticky roll handy for your clothes and give them a fluffy blanket they love, they will rub hair there as well, instead of your furniture.
Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left us, I cannot tell you how much I loved it (: it made me smile so so much. Specially that your mom liked it too (funnily enough my mom was the one to show me the danish poet!)
sorry for the huge comment!

Julie said...

Oh hai, Cleo! I am amazed at how easy a damp washcloth can remove cat hair, episodically on clothing that is still on your body. dampen cloth, wipe down clothes.

Julie said...

The FURMINATOR!! It gets so much hair off my cat it is insane. It is super pricey so I bought the cheaper one called "The Fur Fiend." A total life saver.

xiaoye said...

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