Sunday, 14 August 2011

Farmer's Market Haul

My farmer's market haul. Jim made up the corn for dinner with pork chops and the tomato and onion are reserved for tomorrow's soup. The peas are my favorite summer snack.

lemonade: Absolutely, you will hear from me soon!


jen said...

Ooh what kind of soup? It's so cool here this weekend I had to seek out some soup for lunch today!

Cara said...

I love pictures of vegetables! I went a little snap happy at the public markets on Granville Island when we were in Vancouver. They will hopefully hang in our kitchen and inspire us to make things like pork chops and soup!

Julie said...

stunning veggie photo layout!! there's something mathematically beautiful about the proportions of this photo.

The Ponycats said...


Love your vegie photo<3 they look so fresh and healthy:p
I love peas too they are so yummy(:

Hope you have an awesome week full of inspiration and peas! (;

Carmila Ponycat

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