Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Running shoes.

Jim and I went running together for the first time this evening. One of our goals after the move was to be healthier - make more meals at home, exercise.  
It wasn't easy, but we made our way through the park.
I hope it's a habit that sticks.
Julie: It's so summery, but it will make an amazing fall soup, too. I'm looking forward to fall...


iris said...

The newness of both pairs of sneakers is so cute :)

caroline said...

that's a good goal. I've also been on a living a healthier life kick. & as much as I would love to be a "runner" I can't do it. I huff and puff and my heart beats so fast and I give up so easily. so I guess it's just hiking for me. good luck with your healthier lifestyle!

Julie said...

ooh, running!! Good for you two. I applaud your noble running goal. I'm not a runner, but I fully believe in the runner's high.

Alison said...

Good for you Erica! Maybe If you head further west (wink*) you could experience even more activities! I'm always amazed at what this place has to offer :)

I agree with the remark about your cute and clean new kicks as well. Currently my reasonable side think I need new Sauconys, but the wild bit keeps eyeing up the ladies version like J's.

I'm now following your blog everyday!

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