Monday, 15 August 2011

It wasn't very warm out today - there's a hint of the upcoming fall in the air. Though fall is my favorite season, I'm always reluctant to let the summer go. In defiance, I chose lemonade over a warming cup of tea.

Jen: I accidentally deleted all the photos of my delicious soup! :( But it's this recipe here:
Cara: I hope I get to see those pictures in your new place, someday!
Julie: thanks! I was trying something new, glad to hear you liked it.
The Ponycats: Farmer fresh veggies are the best. The peas were delish! ;)


Julie said...

I pulled out a fall dress for the first time this morning- the days are still warm, but the morning are getting chilly!

The Ponycats said...


That lemonade looks great and refreshing!
*love your nails(:

Hope you re having an awesome(;

Carmila Ponycat

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