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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Guelph Fireworks

Jim and I spent Canada Day in Guelph with friends.
The fireworks were lovely, don't they look like pieces of confetti?

This recipe for stuffed shells is so good.
I love this pretty street style shot from Winnipeg. (I'm flying there on Friday!)
29 Ways to Stay Creative.Currently, my problem is that I can't knit fast enough!

Guelph Fireworks

Guelph Fireworks

Guelph Fireworks
Caitlin: I think I'm the most excited for our balcony! We're on the 12th floor, so we should be safe from squirrels. ;)
Roberta Jane: I forgot to put that information in the post! Thanks for reminding me.
Lauren: thanks!
Anabela/Fieldguided: I forgot about it for months, but I walked past the Sephora on Bloor last week and remembered to pick it up. I'm wearing the "original" nude+gold combo today.
knitxcore: haha! Soup is my favorite, too!
tanya: awesome! I love it, highly recommended.
erin jane / atlantic treefox: me, too!
julie: I can't wait to move in and have guests over!


knitxcore. said...

ohmygawd. your blog always makes me hungry! i haven't had stuffed shells in 600 years!

-Alaina said...

I know how that feels! I made a big list of things to knit this summer and I just want to get from one project to the next!

Julie said...

ooh, is there anything prettier than fireworks?! what amazing photos!!! With a darker base colour, you could do the gold nail polish on top and have fireworks fingers.

Michelle said...

I have bookmarked the shell recipe. It sounds so yummy!
Thanks for the link to the style blog, I love it!

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