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Friday, 22 July 2011

Greg's Ice Cream on Bloor.

Oh my goodness, it's been an ice-cream-all-the-time kind of week. We're melting into the pavement here!
It's one week today until I move into my new apartment and I still have so much packing to do.
I kind of left it to the last moment because I hate living with my stuff in boxes.

1. This is the only kind of hairstyle that is remotely appealing right now. Hot weather just makes me want all my hair off of my face and neck. 
2. Thinking of doing a major blog overhaul and redesign, or rather, significantly improve the design. These free font resources from Simple Song will really help! I'm feeling less than inspired with my current web digs.
3. A lovely Nantucket cottage. Moving has gotten me so excited to decorate a new place! I cannot wait to trade my Ikea furniture bit by bit for beautiful new pieces, paint new walls and build shelving!

Michelle: I loved HP7, too!
Louise, Raspberries in Winter: I cried quite a bit during HP, did you?
Cara: Nice, great minds! I owe you an email soon.
knitxcore: yes! Non-food related inspiration :P. Kinfolk is so good, right?
Julie: home! Kinfolk is perfect!
Librarian-in-training: Valid point.


Ayalah said...

That hairstyle looks amazing - I'm totally going to try it!

knitxcore. said...

it is so disgustly hot this wekk. blech. i can't stand it. i think i've eaten my weight in fro-yo.

pugly pixel is a good design resource, too. i've been using it, very slowly.

Julie said...

ooh, what an awesome hairstyle!! Looks pretty easy, too. Moving is so exciting, yay for decorating new places!!

rebecca said...

sheesh, that nantucket kitchen is too darn cute.

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