Friday Favorites

Friday, 22 July 2011

Greg's Ice Cream on Bloor.

Oh my goodness, it's been an ice-cream-all-the-time kind of week. We're melting into the pavement here!
It's one week today until I move into my new apartment and I still have so much packing to do.
I kind of left it to the last moment because I hate living with my stuff in boxes.

1. This is the only kind of hairstyle that is remotely appealing right now. Hot weather just makes me want all my hair off of my face and neck. 
2. Thinking of doing a major blog overhaul and redesign, or rather, significantly improve the design. These free font resources from Simple Song will really help! I'm feeling less than inspired with my current web digs.
3. A lovely Nantucket cottage. Moving has gotten me so excited to decorate a new place! I cannot wait to trade my Ikea furniture bit by bit for beautiful new pieces, paint new walls and build shelving!


Friday Favorites

Friday, 15 July 2011


Our trip to Manitoba was lovely. I spent five days away from the computer, visiting with family and friends and reading with Jim in my parents' backyard. A vacation was just what we needed, time to slow down and to pause our moving preparations. I guess in that way, vacations are always too short. Of course, I only pulled out my camera in time to snap photos from the airplane window. Oops.

1. Check out the shoe rack in this post (seven photos down). A great use of space don't you think? I don't nearly have enough shoes to fill them, but I really like the idea. 
2. Donuts atop cupcakes is a little to decadent for me, but I would love to make those cute little donuts on their own. This blog has been getting a lot of well deserved attention as of late, the writing is really sweet. In my favorite post, Julie writes about the difficulty of icing a perfect cake (I find it so difficult, too!). I admire bloggers who give a window into a world where every attempt to try something new can be a learning experience. 
3. Kinfolk is out! (I'm sure you knew that already, but just in case). It is even more magical that I hoped. There's a great quote by David Dunn on page 114, author of Try Giving Yourself Away, that I was immediately drawn to. When I Googled the title of his book, I found it for free (absolutely free!) on the Internet Archive, here.  
4.It's a sad fact that I'm always looking at fall clothing in the middle of summer.

I'm looking so forward to the weekend, a trip to the Art Gallery of Ontario and going to see the final Harry Potter movie (so excited!). What are your plans?



Friday Favorites

Friday, 8 July 2011

Break from exploring our soon-to-be neighbourhood.

This morning Jim and I are headed to the airport to take a trip to Manitoba. We'll be visiting my family, going to a wedding and taking in the beauty of the prairies. It's Jim's first time to Manitoba and I have been buzzing with anticipation all week long; I'm going to take him all around to the places I loved growing up. We'll be back with stories and photos late next week!

1. I'm looking forward to eating from the barbecue. This corn sounds delicious.
2. Mickey's photos are killing it lately. I'll be wearing my hair like this to the wedding.
3. A steamy summer movie. If you haven't watched it, you must.
5. Other People's Houses is so lovely. I bet it was even more amazing in person!

Flash the cat.


Sky Confetti

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Guelph Fireworks

Jim and I spent Canada Day in Guelph with friends.
The fireworks were lovely, don't they look like pieces of confetti?

This recipe for stuffed shells is so good.
I love this pretty street style shot from Winnipeg. (I'm flying there on Friday!)
29 Ways to Stay Creative.Currently, my problem is that I can't knit fast enough!

Guelph Fireworks

Guelph Fireworks

Guelph Fireworks

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