Friday, 27 May 2011

I'm itching for something new, but my ideas are still forming in my head. I would love to make this place a little more professional, more consistent. While these ideas are banging around in my head, I thought I'd ask you for help. In your opinion, what is(are) the best feature(s) of this blog? Of course, you're welcome to give constructive criticism!

In the meantime, I've been totally wrapped up in the world of Flavia de Luce (I have to run out and buy the third book, A Red Herring Without Mustard, this weekend). Other reviews pending completion of the Flavia series.

I shall leave you with a list of things that I'm inspired by at the moment.
1. When I was little I really wanted to have glasses and braces, I thought it was the epitome of cool. Later, I did get those braces (twice)... not so cool, mostly painful. But, I still really want glasses. Are fake ones weird? ...they might be too weird.
2. Jenny's new collection for Wikstenmade. Arrow scarf, anyone? Wow.
3. Collected magazine. Hands down my favorite online magazine. I love the clean white layout. I also wished it came in print. 
4. Another great online magazine (via Ill Seen, Ill Said), Pure Green Living Magazine. Coriander Girl is featured with a how-to for making posies!
5. Despite my recent disasters in the kitchen which include soggy banana bread, flavorless gazpacho and runny lemon tarts, I would love to make Soy Seasoned Tofu via Bap Story.
Tulips on Avenue


suzy smalls said...

Here's my opinion: I like the knitting most of all.. and the book reviews, too!

evencleveland said...

I like everything you post, lady - not helpful, I know, but true. I just enjoy the sensibility you bring to things.

knitxcore. said...

o mai! are those ranunculas? byootiful <3<3<3

"collected" seems really fresh.

katrina said...

i love this post!
i have the sweetness at the bottom of the pie on hold at the library, i can't wait until it comes in!

Julie said...

I love the photos, and the recipe reviews. It's also nice to get recommendations on things to read. I love the knitting, too!

I haven't seen Collected before, I'm loving it!! And I need to introduce you to my friend fabric markers- we could draw on fabric and make our own scarves.

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite parts are the list of your current favorite/inspiring things. I always look at all the links and I enjoy the recipe reviews. :)

Angelica said...

I love your book reviews!

Cara said...

I like your recipes the most (the knitting makes me jealous as I've lost the attention span to make anything, but that is certainly no reason to stop those posts!).

I think I'm going to have to take the most unfortunate picture of myself with my braces and glasses just for you. Maybe seeing the awkwardness of braces will remind you of the pain, and you'll begin to associate it with glasses too, so you don't have to decide where you stand on the fake ones.

Michelle said...

I enjoy your book reviews and the knitting (inspiration much?)

Anonymous said...

I really wanted glasses when I was younger, I thought they were so cool!!

I love the book reviews, Pictures, Knitting project updates!


Jane Flanagan said...

Thank you for the link love, Erica! Hope you're well!

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