My favorite wall.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

My favorite wall.

When I mentioned being Dala Horse crazy and Melinda Josie in the same post, I was alluding to two new paintings now hanging in my apartment.

Back in November, Melinda posted about a series of paintings commissioned by Mjölk Scandinavian design shop (pronounced MI-YELK! reads their website) in Toronto's Junction neighbourhood. I picked up the phone and called J right away telling him we had to go see them, ASAP! I even called ahead and we visited them before John and Juli could hang them! After collectively ooohing-and-aahhing over Melinda's beautiful work, J asked me to point out a few of my favorites. Then he kicked me out of the store.

At the party John and Juli held to celebrate the store's one-year anniversary, J revealed that not one, but two of the paintings were mine for Christmas!
Meet Dalahäst Marinblå and Dalahäst Sticka!

It means so much to me to own artwork from an artist I admire for her talent, kindness and everyday creativity.


Kira Petersson said...

Oh, you are so lucky! J is so sweet. The blue one is my favourite, but I think the green knit one fits you so well...

Also, what a clever idea for paintings, too! I have a giant soft spot Dalahäst, and there are several in my house. Some are hand-me-downs from my Mor Mor, and some I've bought at the flea markets and garage sales here. I think they have a place in every home!

Julie said...

So awesome!! That J, he's great for things like that. :)

Anonymous said...

this is my firt time on this blog, and i'm in love! thanks for sharing!

yoel said...

How lovely! I like how sweetly you've arranged the different decorations too.

Lexie, Little Boat said...

one of my good friends has a tattoo of a dala horse filled with beautiful carousel colors... it's gorgeous!

these paintings are so lovely!

rizie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rizie said...

such a darling wall.

-I deleted the above comment..I was signed in with the wrong account ;)

erica-knits said...

Kira, Aw, Dalahäst are the best. A place in every home, indeed!

Julie, haha it's true.

hellotaylarose, thank you for your sweet comment! So lovely to have a new reader.

Yoel, thanks!

Lexie, Little Boat, a Dalahäst tattoo! That's an amazing idea.

Rizie, thanks! (I log in with the wrong accounts, too! It's hard keeping them all straight!)

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