Favorites for Friday

Friday, 11 February 2011

Some of my favorite things.

1. Laura Lombardi Scale Necklace - I purchased this on New Year's Eve at Robber. I lusted after it for so long and NYE seemed the perfect excuse to buy a new piece of jewelery. I've worn it at least three times a week since. Laura's new collection looks amazing, too.

2. Apartamento Issue 6 - I love viewing stranger's living spaces, especially in Apartamento. They feature apartments that with all their imperfections, I could imagine calling home, .

3. Uppercase 8 - The letterpress issue! I love that this magazine is often full of my favorite bloggers, Tanya of Snap+Tumble and Tara of Seven Spoons to name a couple in this issue.

4. OLO Valens - I have jumped on the OLO Fragrance bandwagon, introduced to me by Anabela of Fieldguided. And what a great bandwagon it is! I first fell in love with ForĂȘt; but since it was not available at Robber, I gave the other scents a try. It was a toss up between Dafne and Valens (I'll be back for Dafne in the spring). Valens is the perfect warm and spicy scent for winter. Erin at Robber mentioned that Valens is supposed to be reminiscent of Old Spice, but I assure you, it smells much better than this guy.

5. Peach Washi Tape - My very first roll of Japanese tape. Its colour reminds me of spring.

6. Ivy - There is nothing better than the sight of green ivy in the middle of winter.


elena gold said...

such nice treasures! :) i really like it when we share things we have that make us happy instead of only what we want. :)

kelli ann said...

very sweet collection of goodies!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

that necklace looks so lovely. i feel like the internet did wonders for independent jewelry designers (well and independent designers in general...)!

Julie said...

excellent list of favourite things!! I've got to check out that fragrance line, it sounds amazing.

erin jane / atlantic treefox said...

i have that colour tape too! so nice to look at.

erica-knits said...

elena gold, Oh, I'm often very guilty of wanting many things, but I'm learning to be better and really enjoy what I have. I loved your comment, so much.

Kelli Ann, thanks! I'm loving your blog, btw!

Lexie, Little Boat, I totally agree! I'm glad the internet is giving more people access to great independent design!

Julie, I'll bring it to show you sometime. I'm pretty sure it will last a good while, too.

Erin/Atlantic Treefox, Yay! for coral washi tape!

Anonymous said...

Where do you by Apartamento? I would love to get that!

tara said...

oh! thanks so much for the UPPERCASE mention! can't wait for you to see #9 - it's all food + garden. xox

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