Sunday Market

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The obligatory gaze downwards.

My favorite thing to do on a Sunday is to take a stroll down to the Antique Market.
I arm myself with $20.
No more,
no less.

To see what treasures turn up.


Two weeks ago now, when the leaves were still on the ground, I spotted a ship.


Colorful blankets.

One of my favorite tables

And a village tea set (on top of the white shelf).
I just came home with a pocket full of little trinkets for Christmas presents, but I am sure kicking myself for not asking how much that tea set was!


NessaKnits said...

Could you pass me the green uranium glass dishes please ...

t a n y a said...

I love the antique market. Great find, that ship especially!

Julie said...

ah, the antiques market!! that was fun, that time I went with you> But I need to go again!I need a little bell for my spring meeting- so the president doesn't have to keep tapping his spoon to a water glass to get people back from their coffee breaks. At the last meeting I was thinking, 'I should get a lovely antique bell for him to ring'....

yoel said...

Oh, what a blast! When is the next market you can go back and ask for the tea set? It is so darling.

Caroline said...

How fun. I love going to flea markets. It entertains me for hours.

Michelle said...

Where is the antique market located? I would be very much interested in going on a lazy Sunday :)

Jenny Morris said...

im the same way with money...when i go to zine fairs or craft fairs i have to put a lid on it after 20 dollars!! im your newest follower :)


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