Good Things.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

My weeks have been long and hard lately.
So I thought I would take the time to point out some good things.

1. Murphy the dog. J and I met him in the park.
2. Ideas to put my new pom pom maker to good use.
3. A blog about an inside garden, Belle fleur de lis.
4. Nice emails.
5. A beautiful painting.
6. A little monster caught by Vic.
7. More triangles!
8. Gorgeous leaves.
9. Sample sales.
10. Cups of tea.
11. A moment of silence and a poem.
A reminder to be grateful for what I have.



Kate said...

I want to snuggle with that dog So. Bad. He looks so soft.

nina said...

Murphy and my Hugo look like divided twins :)

anneemall said...

I'm almost done with the triangle loop! Stupidly I haven't cast on with the provisional method, I hope Iwill manage to graft both ends properly and not spoil everything. Thanks again for this awesome pattern!

hibou said...

What a lovely post. It's a beautiful way to mark Remembrance Day too: stopping to notice the good things we have, big and small.

JD said...

What a perfect pick me up during the most stressful week of life. It's nice to stop and remember the simple things. Thanks!

erica-knits said...

Kate, he was so soft and so sweet. I wanted to run away with him. I just about died from cuteness overload when I was told his name was Murphy!

Nina, Aw, Hugo is such a great name, too! Lucky you to have such a cute dog!

Anneemall, I cannot wait to see your finished triangle loop! Don't worry about the seaming, you could either pick-up the row next to the cast on edge for grafting, or cast-off and seam the two edges together. I am just so happy the pattern is getting so much use!

hibou, I think I need to put my life into perspective more often. Rememberance Day is a good reminder of how lucky I am. I'm glad you feel the same.

JD, a stressful week, indeed. Take care! I hope things get better for you soon.

Julie said...

Such a snuggly dog!! I love that painting as well, it's amazing. And pom pom garlands!!! I wants. I think I need a pom pom makers, too!

anneemall said...

I finished the scarf! Here it is I'm very happy with it.

Jane Flanagan said...

Ach! Murphy is one of my dog names (there's a Beckett book called Murphy!) There's a puppy in my neighbourhood and literally when he walks down the straight it's like a tidal wave of love. The whole street is invested in him!

I love your list Erica!

Michelle said...

It is definitely hard to remember the good things when life is giving you some hard balls. Making a list is a good way to remember :)

Tea and cute puppies make everything better!

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