Falling in Love with Fall. (oh so punny)

Monday, 1 November 2010


Some beautiful leaves in High Park.
Fall is nearing its end, I woke up to the first light snow of winter on Sunday morning, so I'm taking full advantage of it. I crunch leaves whenever I get the opportunity. On my way to work on Sunday, a couple was getting photos taken in the park; they would toss up handfuls of leaves then kiss. So much laughter, it was sweet.

On Saturday night, I had friends over for a dessert party in honor of Halloween. I was so busy baking and hosting that I forgot to take pictures. However, if you can picture it, I made homemade marshmallows from Martha's recipe in the shape of bones, chocolate whoopee pies with peanut butter filling, a cake from Nikole and Shanna's Wee Wedding Cakes recipe, pumpkin pie with a jack o'lantern face, and chocolate cupcakes. My friend Kylie bought over coffee cookies and shortbread cookies in the shape of severed fingers and Julie brought over mini quiches, of which I ate roughly 20. It was a great night, many thanks to all who came!

How I still ended up with pumpkin pie for breakfast is a delightful mystery.
(Oh, it's getting to be a bad habit.)




I just couldn't resist writing with the leaves I collected.
The first time I tried, a breeze blew the leaves away before I could snap a picture. The second time they stayed in place long enough for another gentlemen with a camera to stop and get in a few shots.

Love leaves


Jane Flanagan said...

Yes - I'm sad to see Fall go... it seemed to fly this year! But sounds like you sent it off in style with some yummy confections! What a great idea!!

Julie said...

You had some more of that utterly amazing pumpkin pie for breakfast?! So jealous. And hey, that kind of counts as a vegetable serving, right? Thanks so much for having Guy and I over, it was lots of fun!!

karyn said...

i loved the marshmallows shaped like bones! i wanted to eat so much more than i did that night. it was all delicious. thanks for a fun night! (and not making me wear a costume)

that kate said...

I love the idea of your halloween party! Sounds delicious! Yes i am also loving this season!

katrina said...

i wish i could come to your parties!

fort nest said...

Gorgeous photos.

Lotte said...

such a lovely pictures : )

Constance said...

leaves in fall, such colours. Beautiful!

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