Recommended Read: Great House

Friday, 22 October 2010


Last week when I wrote about The History of Love, Carly let me know that Nicole Krauss would be in Toronto this weekend. I was so excited, I immediately bought tickets to her reading tomorrow afternoon!

This morning, I finished reading her third novel, Great House. The characters are linked by an antique desk; there's a writer from New York, a husband in London, a father in Israel and a lover in England. Krauss does loneliness perfectly, each of her characters experience the same feeling in a unique way. I cannot help but compare Great House to The History of Love; Great House is much bleaker and far less charming, but that is not a criticism, just a caution.

It is mysterious.

Krauss doesn't play all her cards; bits and pieces of the character's stories are never shared. I love the thrill of the reveal and Krauss didn't come through this time. That being said, Krauss can be counted on to write a good story.


Elena said...

Oooh - thanks for the report and the caution. I loved her other books so I think I'll dive in.

Julie said...

How is it possible I've never even heard of Krauss?! I'm most intrigued.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this one definitely didn't do it for me as much as "The History of Love" but she is a beautiful writer.

amanda said...

just discovered and enjoying your blog. I'm a fan of canada, knitting and books - so... perfect! (my daughter and I are reading Greyson since I read about it on here - great book!)

vic said...

I can't wait to read this!

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