Fall baking!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Gingerbread and Nikole's feathers

I wish I could slow down and enjoy the fall season a little more. The leaves are changing and dropping so quickly, but my weekly allotment of free-time is shrinking in proportion to the assignments that are piling up.

Nonetheless, I'm still taking some time to relax and bake my favorite fall treats.
I finally put my new Herriott Grace feather cookie cutter to good use making gingerbread cookies. I wait all year to break out the gingerbread (it doesn't really feel right to me in the spring or summer), it's my favorite kind of cookie!

Gingerbread and Nikole's feathers

Mini Pumpkin pie

This is one of the pumpkin pies I ate for breakfast.

Gingerbread and Nikole's feathers

Lastly, this is my favorite hot chocolate in the city.
It's from La Merceria, all they do is steam milk and break off a piece of Lindt chocolate and melt it in. So simple and perfect with some of their delicious alfajores.



Jennifer said...

A delicious post! I find the idea of eating pumpkin pie for breakfast very appealing...

yoel said...

Yum! I love the cookies frosted with the sanding sugar--so pretty!

Jane Flanagan said...

So much yum in this post!

Carlene said...

Pumpking pie for breakfast~what a great idea. I need to bake.

Ayalah said...

so yum! you are totally making me want to bake gingerbread! and agreed - merceria has lots of tasty treats!

anabela / fieldguided said...

This made me realize that I don't have a "best hot chocolate in the city!" I never buy it! I like it at home, I guess! With nice handmade marshmallows, yum.

(Still totally addicted to David's pumpkin chai, though!)

jana said...

those cookies are too cute.
and i love to throw a piece of (70%) chocolate in a glass of hot milk

Julie said...

oooh, I remember those gingerbread feathers- they were incredible!! easily the best cookie I've eaten all year.

New nail polish?

jen said...

Oh, I am totally going to try this hot chocolate method at home. You always have the most amazing baked goods, they look delicious and beautiful every time!

nikole said...

love love love

softspoken said...

beautiful bakes! i had pumpkin cheesecake for breakfast one morning this week - now i don't feel so bad :)

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