Recommended Reads: Gods Behaving Badly

Friday, 24 September 2010

Gods Behaving Badly

Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips dares to imagine that the Greek gods and goddesses are real and walking among us... or at least walking around London, England. If you can remember any Greek myths there's a good chance you'll recognise them within the plot of Phillip's novel. Apollo, Aphrodite, Artemis and Hermes have the largest roles, but almost all the gods make an appearance.

This novel doesn' t take itself seriously. It's light and funny. However, be aware; with Aphrodite in the mix, it's a little crude, too. Imagine a typical Greek hero story (okay, the only one I know is from the Disney Hercules cartoon...) in present day.

In other news, I'm off to get my hair cut and dyed today. I always get pre-haircut jitters. Do you?


Siga said...

Oh, yes, I also know pre-haircut jitters.

Christine said...

Ahh the pre-haircut jitters... always get them. I obsess about what my hair will look like right up until the appointment! But the past few have turned out great, so I'm a bit more calm now. And change is always so nice anyway :)

Julie said...

cut and dyed!! I'm excited to see it. I love the cover of that book, I almost picked it up at the airport in the UK.

Michelle said...

I am in need of a major hair style overhaul! I am sure you look fantastic! (My list of books keeps growing thanks to your suggestions)

buttercup caren said...

Loved this book! The fact that these Greek Gods live in a derelict house in modern day London, desperate to be believed in again, made it an intelligent and silly-fun read. :)

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