A Day at the Beach

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

At the beaches.

There's already a chill in the air and school starts next week, but before fall woos us with it's changing leaves and cozy sweaters I'd like to remember a day at the beach. I like to stand at the edge and let the water glide towards my toes.

At the beaches.

An afternoon at the Pie Shack

The Beaches are located in Toronto, but a long streetcar ride from my place. Though it took nearly a whole year to get back to the Pie Shack, located in the Beaches, I finally made it! J and I played Cribbage, one of their many board games, and devoured our pie. (Actually, one slice amounted to 1/4 of a pie so I managed to eat only have a slice). It was a perfect end to a day in the sun.
Many more photos of from the day on flickr.

An afternoon at the Pie Shack

Farewell Summer, you were lovely.


Michelle said...

I love The Beaches. I've managed to go down there a few times this year. I NEED to go to the Pie Shack thought. I just got really excited about the thought of a slice of pumpkin pie from there :)

Julie said...

What a gorgeous post!! the light in these photos is just incredible. off to flickr to see the rest...

Lydia said...

beautiful photos. I want to spend an afternoon at that pie shack :)

erica-knits said...

Michelle, You have to go! I'm sure the pumpkin pie will blow your mind!

Julie, why thank you!

Lydia, thanks! It's a pretty cute place.

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