Summer Reads #3: All My Friends Are Superheros

Friday, 16 July 2010

This book is short and wonderful.
Tom is unique; all his friends have superpowers, but not him. He also has a big problem, his new wife, The Perfectionist, cannot see, hear or smell him thanks to a curse put on her on their wedding day. Poor Tom is desperate to make The Perfectionist see him before she moves across the country, thinking he left her.
All My Friends are Superheros is such a touching little love story. You'll finish it in an hour, but it will be the best hour ever spent reading. Not to mention, it's really funny.
Well, I'm off to Montreal for a wedding this weekend. I can't wait to explore!
Hope you have a great summer weekend whereever you are.


Julie said...

I LOVED this book, it really is a treasure. Have fun in Montreal!

Knotted Nest said...

This is one of my favourite reads! I've lost track of how many friends I've given this wonderful book to.

Glad I stumbled onto your blog :) Enjoy your weekend!

ghp said...

Great book! Anabela loaned me this book to read years ago when we first met :)

Have a great time in Montreal!


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