Summer Reads #2: The Imperfectionists

Friday, 9 July 2010

I bought this book for its cover.

The Imperfectionists is a series of short stories narrated by employees an international newspaper in Rome that is struggling to stay relevant and profitable in the era of the internet. Interspersed between the stories is a chronological history of the origins of this particular international newspaper. Just like the title suggests, the characters are flawed. The struggle of the characters parallels that of the newspaper, both seem unable to move forward.

I often have a hard time with imperfect characters. I want them to change, but that's not the case with this group of imperfectionists. Each characters fears resists change until one event forces them all to move on. I found some of the stories infuriating while others were endearing. It is a quick read full of drama for hot summer nights.

In other news, I cannot get enough of watermelon tea from David's Tea. It is delicious both hot and iced. I think I'm going to whip it up into watermelon iced tea lemonade this weekend.

I also wouldn't mind making this Tomato Tart when it's cool enough to turn on my oven again.


Michelle said...

mm watermelon tea sounds so delicious! I love David's Tea, I bought two kinds a few weeks ago.
I've been eyeing this book & have wanted to know what it's like, so thank you :)
BTW, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is very good. You should check it out.

Kaye Prince said...

That tart looks sooo yummy! I whipped up a tart of my own receipe the other night (the oven made the house even more unbearable, oh well); I filled the pastry with a parmesan, basil, and roasted garlic paste that I mixed up, and topped it with zucchini and tomato I had roasted in the oven, and then topped that with a little feta cheese and baked it - very good, but not my brightest move with this heat :D

Julie said...

I'm so desperate to try the watermelon tea, after you've been raving about it!! Maybe on my way home from work today....

lisa. said...

I've read a little bit of The Imperfectionists. I set it down and need to pick it up again. I really liked what I've read-- reminded me a little bit of Barney's Version (I've only made it to the first story.) Something about the grumpy old man thing.

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