Scenes from my trip to Manitoba

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Cupcakes from the Cupcake Corner in Winnipeg's Osbourne Village.
I recommend their chocolate with peanut butter icing, yum!
A groomsmen's and his lovely fiance's feet at our friends' wedding.

New airplants for my apartment.

A window cat.

An old barnhouse.
Iceberg sculpture in Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg.
The bride's dress.
More icebergs.
Taking care of my Summer Goals one-by-one.
#7 Mini road-trips to Winnipeg and a trip to Montreal this weekend.


Jane Flanagan said...

Love your new airplants!! I got some recently too and adore them.

Hope you're having a happy summer! Enjoy Montreal!

Julie said...

ooh, air plants!! and I think my life needs more peanut butter icing. Must put that on my baking to-do list. I'm also quite glad to see silver shoes for the bride really taking off! down with white shoes!!

iris said...

These photos are so awesome! Looks like a great road trip!

Michelle said...

cupcakes make me happy. I've never tried peanut butter icing before, but I would LOVE too.

Lovely photos as usual. Enjoy your roadtrips!

Cara said...

Hee hee - those are my feet! I was very glad to have the shoes standing at the back of the church, but wow, are they not a good shoe for me!

amelia said...

Montreal! How exciting. Need recommendations??

erica-knits said...

Jane, I love how easy-to-care-for airplants are. I just soak them twice a week and then the beautify my apartment. :)

Julie, I think everyone's life could benefit from more peanut butter icing (unless, they're allergic, that is). My friend and I were very lucky there were two left that day for us, or a fight would have ensued.

Iris, thanks, it was :).

Michelle, thanks. Have you tried the Cupcake Shoppe just north of Yonge and Eglington? It's my favorite cupcake place in Toronto!

Cara, they are so cute! Were they too flat?

Amelia, I always love recommendations! I will email you right away!

hibou said...

What a lovely set of photos! Made my heart ache a little (Winnipeg is my hometown). Have a great time in Montreal!

Michelle said...

I have tried that place. I like them, but I have had a few not so great ones that have made me quite blue :( Maybe it's the time of day I go in at or something. My favourite places for cupcakes are not in this city unfortunately (Cupcakes in Vancouver and Magnolia Bakery in NYC).

Michelle said...

Funny enough, a co worker and I went to the Cupcake Shoppe yesterday to pick some up for another co workers birthday and they were delish! I just must have gone on a few off days :D

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