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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Still on summer vacation and I can't wait to share my photos with you. I'm dropping my film off tomorrow for developing! There's been road trips with lots of good food and other adventures!

In the meantime, I'm dreaming of a door with a fox, like this one.
Collecting tillandsia (air plants) and looking forward to making summer fruit pies!


jen said...

Sweet door fox! I would have never imagined those existed if not for this post, but I'm glad I know now! Also I love those old metal teapots they give you at diners, looks like you're having a swell summer vacation.

Julie said...

A fox door knocker! I love it. Can't wait to see all your pictures!!

fleur_delicious said...

gah! I need a fox door knocker!! And then I need to learn how to apply enamel so mine can be rusty orange-red, too - thanks for sharing, it is PERFECT!

and flowers pick themselves said...

looks gorgeous + delicious. i love that table's design!

xo Alison

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