Summer Goals.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

I am not a reckless person, but when I found this page in Paul Arden's Whatever you Think, Think the Opposite I smiled.

What I am, is full of goals for the summer.
So here is my reckless list of things to be accomplished and documented for you this summer.
Reckless, meaning it may be crazy to think I could complete this whole list.

1. Build a website from scratch for my class on HTML, XHTML and CSS. I'm thinking a portfolio site. I'm learning all about "the internet" this summer, hopefully this will translate into a better blog!

2. Design a hand knit sweater. This is by far the most challenging on the list and the goal I am most eager to achieve!

3. Take more black and white portraits, like this one.

4. Come up with a weekly blog feature.

5. Paint my walls. Grey or black!

6. Find the perfect bathing suit!

7. Take lots of mini road trips. One, to a new yarn store in Winnipeg when I'm in Manitoba.

What are you doing this summer? Will you be reckless?!


Jane Flanagan said...

I have the perfect bathing suit, I just need to fit into it. Which is one of my goals for the summer (to get in shape!)

I don't think I'm going to get any vacation, but hopefully I'll get some painting done too. A day trip out of the GTA would be nice as well!

anabela / fieldguided said...

When I first read your post I thought "I don't have any summer goals." But I do, I realized!

1. To host a campfire night in the park on a regular basis. To host a campfire night that doesn't get rained out! I have all the implements! I have sparklers!

2. To take a photography class and to learn how to use my Canon.

3. To make a couple of dresses.

4. To have a scary movie night.

5. To gradually cut out sugar! Yikes! But seriously! We'll see how far this one gets.

6. To get up to Geoff's cottage at least once.

7. Geoff wants to replace our patchy grass with clover! Hmm. That's more his goal but I would love to see it realized.

8. I should probably get on painting the floors like I keep talking about, but that might be better accomplished in the fall.

Really all I want in the summer is brunch and hanging out and things like that. Nothing too ambitious!

anabela / fieldguided said...

Also the most reckless I get is riding my bike without a helmet and eating ice cream sandwiches for breakfast!

Julie said...

I love "reckless Erica"! the goals for summer are very good ones, indeed. Which got my thinking about my own:

- picnic regularly and often.
- try making sushi at home.
- turn my patio into more of an oasis.
- register for a fiction writing course that begins in the fall (eep!)
- to try canning/preserving the best of summer's offerings.
- think of other summer goals that do not involve food.

Michelle said...

I love this post!

1. Take a hip hop dance class
2. go horseback riding while visiting my mom
3. visit the beaches & toronto island more then once
4. picnics in parks
5. learn to run properly & enjoy it
6. host game nights on my deck

That's it so far, but I am sure the list will keep on growing.

jen said...

Best post, you just finally made it feel like summer! I need to come up with more summer goals, but so far I have more bike rides to lakefront picnics on my list.

Ashley said...

Hi Erica! I got my Lula magazine in the mail! It's so pretty and inspiring! I also love the cute little animal card! Thank you so much!
As for summer goals, I love how summer always makes everything feel possible! My goals are to
1. start blogging again
2. start sewing the clothes I have been meaning to make from my pretty vintage patterns
3. make all the knits I have been meaning to make, or at least start on some of them :]
4. make tons of pretty things for my etsy shop

Thanks again for Lula!

Kaye Prince said...

I vote for grey walls! I had grey walls once and I loved them! And here is an awesome Toronto-based bathing suit company you might want to check out:

Hmmm, I dunno if quilting counts as being reckless but I have definite plans to do a lot of it. Actually, I have some stuff to tell you which might impact how I spend my summer! When are we getting together?

fleur_delicious said...

fun! I love a good summer to-do list, I absolutely agree that I feel like anything is possible in those three months. I'm still writing papers at the moment (witness: me procrastinating), but I've already started churning up summer ideas.

We're getting married (no biggie - courthouse) and going to Europe (exciting! Our first international trip together!). In late August we are throwing an alfresco dinner for 30 of our nearest and dearest (by way of "wedding celebration"). We're also moving, so I want to get the new garden started at our new place. I have at least 5 garments that I want to sew (two dresses, two blouses, a skirt), and hope to get some reusable grocery bags sewn from old pairs of our jeans that I've been saving. I have one painting to finish and another to do. I'm just beginning to contemplate the summer reading list - so far, there is Proust, Woolf, and Henry Adams' "Mont Saint Michel and Chartres." I have two articles that I need to whip into publishable shape, and then there's the canning (for winter gifts): watermelon pickles, rhubarb and champagne jelly, and later this summer I want to forage rosehips in the city and make rosehip jam.

there's more, but that's the big stuff for now. Who knows? I might even get through all of it, if I really work hard!

Coriander Girl said...

I love this post! It inspired me to make a list like all of these lovely lists. Yay goals!

-Alaina said...

Erica! I'm going to make a list too, but I'm planning on designing a sweater, also! EEP!

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