Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Cutting Lemons, originally uploaded by Chiot's Run.

I have a love affair with lemons.
Every trip I make to the grocery store I pick up at least three, though now I've taken to buying the bags of organic lemons, so I end up with six. I never thought this was particulalary strange until, grocery shopping with a friend, she asked, "What do you do with all those lemons?!"
"Is this a lot of lemons?" I asked, getting a little defensive.
"Yes!", she said.
"Oh", I said, "I didn't know that."

So, what do I do with my lemons?
I slice them up and put them in my water.
(this is why I prefer organic, no chemicals on the rind)
I squeeze them over my baked salmon.
I make Molly's French Style Yogurt Cake with Lemon.
I munch on Jill's Lemon Cream Cookies from Cannelle et Vanille.
I boil hot water, squeeze in lemon juice and stir in a little honey when I'm sick with the flu.
I throw in grated lemon peel into blueberry muffin batter.

But my dream is to make the perfect lemon tart.
(or "tarte au citron" because it sounds nice in French)
Martha has a few recipes of interest:
Lemon Tassies and Mini Lemon Tarts. Because anything mini is instantly more adorable.

Nigel Slater waxes on about lemon curd in the Guardian.

Last week, Tommy featured Tamami Haga in her People at Work series. Tamami runs a market stall in London and her lemon tarts are adorable! She is my lemon tart idol! :)

And the icing on the cake?
I picked up the latest issue of Jamie Magazine, the Italian issue, (as in Jamie Oliver) and it had an entire article about how he would die without lemons! We're kindred spirits.


Kate said...

My boyfriend hates lemons and sometimes I want to STRANGLE him over it! But he hates that I despise mushrooms, so I guess we're even - but lemons are in everything! I use lemon with a bit of olive oil as salad dressing. It's the most refreshingly delicious thing ever. I also love it in mixed drinks that involve whiskey. Oh lemons, how I adore thee...

Jane Flanagan said...

Lemon is my absolutely favourite flavour so I don't think there's such as thing as too many!

This summer, I'm going to make some home-made Limoncello using a recipe from Darina Allen. I'm so excited!

katrina said...

i love this post :)
lemons are so happy!

Julie said...

I love this post, too! Lemons are so wonderful, and organic all the way. All those lively links to lemon recipes- drool!! I must make those lemon cream cookies.

erica-knits said...

Kate, ha! I hate mushrooms, too. Lemon and olive oil for salad dressing sounds amazing and lemon with whisky, too! Mmm! So many good ideas.

Jane, oh, I remember all about this Limoncello recipe. I think you posted about it, I can't wait to see your result!

Katrina, they are happy, aren't they? Anything yellow can't be bad.

Julie, Those cookies are soo good and of course, we've spoken all about the virtues of organic lemons! :)

Melinda Josie said...

Erica, I completely understand. I do the same thing! I always get lots of lemons when I'm going grocery shopping. I'm at the store nearly every day, and I pick them up almost every time!
Lemon makes everything taste better.
I can't wait for lemonade season!

Anonymous said...

I smile reading this post. There's something about the lemon that makes me smile fondly at childhood memories.

I always get excited for summer. Some of the best fruit comes out during the summer--watermelon, canteloupe, strawberries, blueberries, and lemons.

And even when I used Molly's buttermilk cookies with lemon zest, I took such care in picking the perfect lemons for them.

I love you for this post. :)

Masha said...

I have a love affair with lemons also. I love lemon buscuits and muffins and tarts...and my husband doesn't eat them! More for me!
I love that converstation in defense of lemons - you can never have too many...

Michelle said...

I want to try making lemonade. I am sure it is easy, but I've never done it. Lemons are so cheerful!

Chiot's Run said...

I too love lemons. I've been buying bags of them when I get to the market (which isn't often enough). I've even bought a 20 lb box from local harvest.

I love making fresh squeezed lemonade in the summer soooooo good.

I bought a lemon verbena last year and I'm looking forward to making some syrup soon to have even more lemon flavoring for things.

You should try finding a lemon thyme plant to add to your garden, so wonderful when added to your food.

Anonymous said...

My sister makes the nicest lemon tarts ever and they always seem easy to make...Im also a fan of lemon in water, a great way to start the morning!

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