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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The weather took a turn for the worst this week; it's cold, rainy and I'm wearing my mittens once again. These two are hanging in my closet waiting for warmer days to return. The blue one is Built by Wendy Arles Market Dress and the Martine stripe tank is from Permanent Vacation from Robber. Come on Sunshine!

I pre-ordered Sundays are for Lovers this morning, and I can't wait for it to arrive. I love the concept, not to mention, many of the artists and photographers featured.

Last weekend, there was a Knitter's Frolic that helped to rekindle my love for gorgeous yarn and patterns. Indigo Dragonfly hand dyed yarns are scrumptious and have the most amusing names, I got a gorgeous blue "Arr...'tis a sugary brine". I picked up a signed copy of St. Denis Magazine from Veronik Avery, so lovely and inspiring! On the needles I have the Fiddlehead Mittens kit from Tanis Fiber Arts.

Hope your week is off to a great start.


Kate said...

The weather took a turn for the worst here, too! And I just bought all these cute summery clothes and put my boots away at the top of my closet. Jinxed myself, I guess.

Breezy said...

it's cold and gross here, too :/

at first, i thought those were swimsuits in your picture! i wish i could find some like that.

iris said...

Beautiful dress! ...although I'm always leery of summer attire that requires dry cleaning :(

caroline said...

wow, i love both those pieces you have patiently waiting. i myself want that permanent vacation tank, love it.

we had like high 80's weather last week then just yesterday the weather did a mini flip and is now breezy, yet still sunny.

katrina said...

i am so so jealous of your built by wendy dress! it is so pretty.

elena gold said...

oh, that dress is so great! and those mittens look fun, good choice!

Julie said...

I was *just* looking at Sundays Are for Lovers yesterday! It's going to be an amazing book, for sure.

I too am back to wearing mittens. Although I don't like the cold, mittens make it easier to endure. I truly, madly, and deeply love mittens.

jasmine said...

ohh, i'm so jealous that you went to the frolic! must make sure to get there next year...

that permanent vacation top is utter perfection.

Michelle said...

I am pretty much in love with that Built by Wendy dress. I am all about dresses and skirts for spring/summer, yunno, once it comes back to Toronto.

joven said...

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erica-knits said...

Kate, The weather in the east seems to be on the up and up! I hope you can break out those summer clothes! (I had packed all my winter clothes away, too! Serves us right...)

Breezy, oh swimsuits like those would be a dream come true! I'll be on the lookout now.

Iris, I know what you mean about dry cleaning and summer clothes... I justified it because I'm wearing it to a wedding. I hope it works out!

Caroline, the Permanent Vacation tank is my favorite, I hope you can fine one. Sounds like you're having good weather! High 80s, wow!

Katrina, thank you! (It was such a splurge but I'm wearing it to a summer wedding!)

elena gold, thanks!

Julie, ode to mittens. :)

Jasmine, I hope you get to the knitter's frolic next year, too! (Though, hang on to your wallet, it's dangerous how much money can be spent!)

Michelle, summer might be back! Though, I don't want to jinx it!

Joven, thank you!

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