Canon AE-1

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Though someday I would love to purchase a nice DSLR, for the moment I'm completely invested in film. As a shy person, I'm always amazed at how quickly my cameras make people stop to ask about them. Film cameras never fail to prompt conversation, I love that. I love the softness and the mystery of film. I always open the package of photos as soon as it's passed over the counter, making the staff at the camera shop laugh.

It was Erin of Atlantic Treefox and Victoria's photos that made me look for a Canon AE-1 on Ebay. Their photos are seriously swoon-worthy.
Victoria's Florence shots and Meat Men are incredibly moving. More from her flickr.
Erin's AE-1 shots are so dreamy. This charming fellow is one of my all-time favorites.
Not to mention, Kate and Anabela are rocking the Canon A-1.

It took me a month to win the AE-1 on Ebay and another month to finish the roll of film. Though I was taught photography on a manual camera in high school, I couldn't quite remember every step after years of auto. The light meter, shutter speed, aperture and focusing were occasionally too much to handle all at once! Quite a few shots are blurry or too dark. But the ones that made it, those I cherish. They represent quiet moments; arranging the shot (still working at that!), fiddling with the camera and the deep breath right before my finger clicks the shutter button that hopes for success.

I wanted to thank you all so much for your lovely comments on the lemon post. I am thrilled to discover that so many of you are fellow lemon lovers and I will be acting on all of your ideas for more lemon uses! Each comment was so thoughtful and made me smile. :)
I also had a chance to make Lemon Tassies to take to a picnic. Here's a photo taken by Guy Crawford.


Celine said...

AE-1!! I have this camera! It was my dad's and I took it from him (he never uses it anymore!) I love this little guy so much. I love that it is all manual, and the only thing it needs a battery for, is the in-cameara-light-meter. Can't wait to see what you do with it this summer! I should really take mine out too.

Julie said...

ah, those Sam James cappuccinos! Swoon-worthy, indeed. Also- Guy's photos of your lemon tassies (and assorted picnic goodness) are on Flickr today.

Kate said...

oh, yay! congrats on the purchase. Every since I shot two rolls with mine, my digital pictures look so flat and boring. It's hard to go back!

anabela / fieldguided said...

Film is so great! I try not to think about how much money I spend on it... hopefully that course I'm taking will help me with my itchy trigger finger. I don't know about your AE-1 but the A-1 makes the coolest sound ever when you click the release. Like a KNIFE!

katrina said...

your photos are so beautiful!
i love my ae-1 :) that is what i use!

Michelle said...

your photos are great! There is something about coffee shop photos that I just LOVE and yours are no exception.
I hope you are enjoying your time away from your studies.

Jane Flanagan said...

Your photographs are stunning. I have a few different cameras, but holding my first manual film camera still gives me the greatest pleasure!

erica-knits said...

Celine, I'm in such good camera company! I hope I can more of your shots with it, too! Any tips?

Julie, Oh those cappuccinos were so good!

Kate, I know what you mean about digital v.s. film. Your shots are great either way, though!

Anabela, Ha! It totally does make that sharp sound. So satisfying. Yeah, let's not think about the money...

Katrina, Yay! More great camera company. I love your photos.

Michelle, I totally have a soft spot for coffee shop photos, too. I swear, I have to whip out my camera each time I'm in one. I'm having a great summer break, thanks. I hope you are, too!!

Jane, Thank you so much! I'm so glad I could get my hands on a manual, it's totally worth the time it takes to set up each shot.

Michelle said...

I'm stoked on my AE-1 as well, but have been too lazy to scan. As Anabela says, that snap of the shutter is too fantastic. These days I also like using an old Nikon film lens on my digital body...

John said...

Nice i like that.

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