St. Lawrence Market

Monday, 12 April 2010

I managed to live in Toronto seven months without visiting St. Lawrence Market on a Saturday morning. Nikole wrote about it here last summer. So, Julie agreed to get out of bed early on a rainy Saturday morning to join me at the market. There were so many options to choose from: fresh loaves of bread, salmon filets and so many cakes! In the end, I bought eclairs, dined on homemade pirogies for lunch and took home organic lemons and coconut oil for my hair. I can't wait to go back!


anabela / fieldguided said...

Oh man, I miss going to St Lawrence! For a few months a few years ago Geoff and I would go every Saturday. It was a good place to get produce and I just love Scheffler's. We would try to be early because of how busy it gets. One time I had this little rolling shopping cart thing with me, and I happened to be by myself. I tucked the cart as close to the produce tables as I could, and as I was reaching to grab some vegetables, this lady tripped over my cart and fell! It was the worst! I was so shocked that I couldn't squeak out an apology, and she slapped my hand away when I tried to help her up. She gave me probably the meanest, dirtiest look I've ever seen and told her friend what a horrible person I was. I haven't been back on a Saturday since, and I got rid of my cart. Traumatic. But! There's a nice little museum upstairs and sometimes they have neat archival photos on display.

tinihearts ♥ said...

Oooh!! It reminds of Pike Place Market in Seattle!! I haven't been to Pike since Jr. High and recently went by and it was completely diff. experience than what I remember it to be! Markets are so much fun!

Kylie said...

This looks so wonderful! I fully intend on making this a Saturday tradition when we finally move out there!

Michelle said...

I really enjoy the St Lawrence Market. My campus this year is just North of it (on King) and so i would go there for lunch every so often or when I needed a treat to lift my spirits :)

Julie said...

that was such a fun afternoon! we should do that again soon... I need another chocolate ├ęclair!!

erica-knits said...

Anabela, that is so traumatizing! What a mean lady! It`s a good thing you`re now living right by (from what I hear) another great market.

Tinihearts, The last time I was at Pike Place Market was in Jr. High, too! Markets are really fun, I always feel very European when I`m at one.

Kylie, I shall have to take you there! I cannot wait!

Michelle, oh! what a great place for a campus and a good place to cheer up at lunch. Some days just getting off campus really helps.

Julie, hmm, I think another ├ęclair is in our future.

hearblack. said...

such great photos - looks like film for sure

hope all is well up north with your final papers

glad the cards arrived, let us know when that driftwood heart gets there, too


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