Monday, 5 April 2010

roygbv, originally uploaded by youngna.

This weekend I was stuck inside writing papers (almost there!) and dreaming of gorgeous summer weather when I bought this gorgeous photo by Youngna on 20x200. Even though this photo was taken in the winter, the colorful flags make it feel like summertime.

It also reminded me of this photo I snapped at The Workroom last weekend where Karyn has the loveliest window displays.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! If you're like me and just about done school, good luck! Summer is almost here!


Julie said...

gorgeous!! I love the sunlight and shadows on your workroom photo.

Michelle said...

I keep on thinking 3 more weeks, 3 more weeks...(it's my chant right now)
I am so unmotivated to complete (well start really) my last project ever!
Excited to be done with school for the time being, but also equally scared of being thrust into the real world (yes at 30 I am just as scared as I was when I was 22 haha)

Jane Flanagan said...

Ah such lovely photos. I hope the schoolwork goes well! Are you staying in Toronto for the summer?

erica-knits said...

Julie, thank you!

Michelle, you're so close! I understand your fear, but I'm sure you'll do just fine out there! (Report back for me, okay? I'll be on my way to the real world in a year).

Jane, thank you! Except for a few trips I will be in Toronto all summer. :)

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