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Monday, 8 March 2010

Jane of Ill Seen, Ill Said asked her readers the if they needed any help with style inspiration for a particular piece of clothing that she could post over at ReadyMade's Off the Rack Style blog. Of course I jumped at the chance. Not only has Jane created fabulous outfits, but I just picked up a fabulous pair of chocolate brown vintage lace-up ankle boots that I wondered if I could wear into spring. (Don't worry, a picture of the boots is coming soon!).

What Jane created is completely spot on perfect for spring and exactly what I'd wear. She even included a ring similar to my fox ring. Click on the outfit to check out Jane's amazing post and bookmark her blog and Off the Rack.
Not to mention it was pretty close to my own outfit today!


Jane Flanagan said...

Thanks Erica! It makes me so happy that you can see yourself wearing this :)


Kaye Prince said...

I think this is spot on for you Erica! I have seen you wear outfits very similar to this before (weren't you wearing a blazer like this on Thursday?)

Michelle said...

such a lovely outfit!
Gonna check out her blog for sure, for some inspiration of my own :)

erica-knits said...

Jane, it's perfect. Thanks again. :)

Kaye, haha I know, right? Yes I totally have a blazer like that and yes, I did wear almost that exact outfit on Thursday, minus the great accessories.

Michelle, oh, do!

Roberta Jane said...

Jane has been posting the CUTEST outfits lately! This one is a definite winner!

Julie said...

I can vouch for Erica- she really was wearing something quite similar yesterday!

Jocy said...

Thank you for this! You reminded me about my old granny boots. Time to take them out for walk.

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