An afternoon of pysanky at the workroom.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My very own pysanky made at the workroom's class this past Saturday.
The first layer of wax on my egg. The first layer covers the only parts of the egg that will remain white.
A classmate's egg in the first dye.
Ready for the second color of dye.
A classmate hard at work.
The orange dye at stage two.



Ready for the black dye.

A classmate melting the wax off of her finished egg.

My very own pysanky.

The end.


Kira Petersson-Martin said...

Not nearly as naughty as I'd imagined. :p

Kempt said...

Oh so beautiful doll. Love it. xo (Reminds me so much of Alberta...)

fraisedesbois said...

Well done!!! I love it.

Meg said...

I'm jealous! I love making pysyanky! And it didn't help that my Mom has 4 goose eggs to decorate this year.

Kaye Prince said...

You did a great job Erica! I actually saw some people still working on them while I was at The Workroom for Toronto Modern Quilt Guild on Sunday.

Miss you, see you Thursday!

caroline said...

oh goodness, i used to make so many of these russian eggs in high school. i became quite good at it!

Jennifer said...

that is fantastic. what a fun workshop!

Julie said...

wow, it really is just as intricate as I imagined!! your finished egg looks fantastic.

Michelle said...

you did a wonderful job!

Jen said...

Oohh. It's so pretty. I so wanted to join that class got in the way :)

kelly said...

i stared at these photos over and over again trying to figure out how you did this and now i get it! sooo pretty!

toronto craft alert said...

hey erica!!!!
urs look awesome! i love the pictures u took of your egg and the class!!!

yes! the class got quiet at times, total concentration for sure! but there was still a lot of chatter. are you going to be making more??!??! aww yeah!

happy easter miss :)

rosalyn said...

opps sorry about that last post, it's from me - rosalyn! :)

erica-knits said...

Kira, haha! Sorry to disappoint.

Andrea (Kempt), Happy to remind you of home. :)

fraisedesbois, thank you :)

Meg, I hope you got a chance to see those goose eggs decorated!

Kaye, thanks, it was fun! miss you, too. see you this Thursday!

caroline, I bet you still are!

Jennifer, Julie, Michelle, thank you!

Jen, ugh! Life does happen sometimes. Hope it was fun!

Kelly, I'm so glad to hear you figured it out! :)

Rosalyn, I certainly hope to make more, but I will have to track down the proper dye. How about you? Your egg and pictures are so pretty!

stephanie renee said...

so beautiful!

Jocy said...


Lisa said...

Great informative site, Beautiful egg, pysanky is something that was handed down to me through my mother and I now teach it to my grandchildren. Thanks for sharing.

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