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Monday, 1 February 2010

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Thank you for your comments on my post about the winter blues. Today is the first of February, a favorite month of mine (my birthday month!) and Valentine's Day, I do love holidays. I've always been a huge fan of celebrating all kinds of love on Valentine's Day, not just romantic love. I like to make goodie bags for my pals and give out cards. I think my Mother inspired that take on the holiday, she always included my sister and I. Once, she surprised me with a gigantic heart cookie and a balloon at daycare (it's a really old memory!). Also, I love any holiday that is commercially supported by chocolate and flowers. :)

In the meantime here are a few things lifting my spirit, maybe they will help you, too:

Nikole's post "on icing cakes and meeting boys" words I needed to read this morning. Nikole also began selling those famous cloud marshmallows in her shop last night, I bought a few. She assures there's plenty more to go around.

Kate's Bits of my Weekend. Her photos always inspire me to make the most of my free time, and mostly, I really want her cat. Or a cat... any cat!

Julie's Modification Mondays are full of knitting inspiration. I met up with Julie last week and had the best time, story here. I took photos, but they're on my film camera so it might be awhile. :)

Anabela's Emergency List. She's such an inspiration, I don't even have enough words to describe how grateful I am to this girl and her man(Geoff!). Sometimes we get together for #2 on her list, those are my arms in the picture! Coincidentally, I also love her cat.

50 Steps to Simple Happiness from NyMag. It's pretty NYC centric, but #1 really works. (via Victoria)

Finally, the photo blog HEARBLACK makes me want to pick up and move to Hawaii to escape this whole winter business all together.

Not to mention calling friends and family at home, and getting in a good run (รก la Erica's suggestion).


jen said...

Glad your blah's have flown the coop, I'm working on getting rid of mine and will be taking some advice from your list. And on the topic of cats, you should totally get one! I just nabbed a sweetie at a local shelter and she's super!

Julie said...

ooh, that 50 steps list is so awesome!! I just tried the acupressure one (#1) and was so surprised!

I had another thought for cheering up- baking cupcakes?

Michelle said...

Thanks for the links! I am truly enjoying Kate's Bits of my Weekend. You totally inspire me to want to knit more...still 'working' (aka haven't even picked them up but have been thinking about it) on my socks. I just got so defeated that I gave up on them last year *sigh*

As I type this, it is SUNNY outside & that is enough to make me smile :)

erica-knits said...

Jen, your little Roamy is super cute! That would cheer me up, but I'll have to wait until I move into a pet friendly place. *sigh*

Julie, you're right, cupcakes are a fabulous way to cheer up. This is the latest successful recipe I've tried: http://milkandhoneycafe.blogspot.com/search/label/cupcakes

Michelle, doesn't the sun just make all the difference in the world?! More knitting inspiration is on its way.

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