One more time.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I picked up my roll of film from the photo shop today with my party shots.
Thank you everyone that came to help me celebrate and for all the great photos.
I took most of my shots before everyone arrived, Anabela was kind to let me borrow her tripod.
When the guests arrived I was too busy having fun to take many more!

That cake.

The tiara I wore all night.
The spread, yum!
The prettiest Mr. Pinata.
Don't let anyone tell you they're too old for pinatas.
Anabela getting ready.
Balloons, Banners!


Michelle said...

Anabela & Geoff sure out did themselves! Everything looks so lovely & magical (just like a birthday party should be).
Great job on the cupcakes Erica!

Celine said...

♥ the second photo!
you look so cute!

Julie said...

so awesome!! This looks like it was the best birthday party ever!! I'm sooo jealous of the pinata....

anabela / fieldguided said...

These turned out so well! Crazy to think you didn't use flash! The glitter sparkles so nicely.

I think you need a tripod of your own, lady! We were lucky to get a hand-me-down from Geoff's dad. Sometimes I see them in thrift shops, so I'll keep an eye out for one.

-Alaina said...

it's like something out of a sophia coppola film!

Michelle Dash said...

It's been so fun to see this party blogged several different ways...and yes, you should always be a bit too busy to take pictures at your own party, that's the sign of a good time :)

Lynne said...

Hello Erica
We haven't met but I am fed up with just devouring and I confess, relishing from the other side of the ether so have decided to start to make a few comments...Love your blog..full of creative energy and delight. I agree with Anabela..beg borrow or liberate from a neglectful owner, a tripod. Not only are they useful for photographic purposes they can also be a life saver in other naked, screaming, artist son-in-law chased away a burgler while waiving one over his head and I am sure there are a million and one other uses for them.

Jocy said...

I adore pinatas. I grew up with them and it took me a while to figure out that they weren't part of everyone's bday celebrations.

The Duchess said...

This is the cutest birthday party I have ever seen! What a great grown up yet whimsical bash! You are truly my style envy!

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