Molly's Cinnamon Rolls

Monday, 18 January 2010

Molly's Cinnamon Rolls, originally uploaded by erica_knits.

I'm in awe of this girl's recipes. These cinnamon rolls are just the kind I like, not too sticky, not too sweet, just right.

I bought her book A Homemade Life two weeks ago (finally, I'd borrowed it from the library during the summer) because I couldn't bear without a copy for my own.


Julie said...

I love, love love Orangette's recipes as well- and the book a Handmade Life was great! I don't normally like books by bloggers (totally different kind of writing is needed, they don't always get that) but this one was a keeper.

erica-knits said...

Oh I know, this one made me cry a few times. A keeper for sure.

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