Saturday, 30 January 2010

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I hope your weekends are going well.
I have a confession, I have a slight case of the winter blues. Do you?
What do you do when you have a case of the winter blues?


P.s. I'm glad you enjoyed my cardigan hunt! It is certainly keeping me warm. :)


Christine said...

Ugh, I have a total case of the Winter Blues. Once the holidays are over, I get all antsy for spring. Oh well..

erica said...

jogging! nothing like running a mile or two in frigid conditions to jolt my system from depressed to invigorated. in previous years i shopped, but i've come to my senses. all that accumulation of stuff did nothing for the blues.

just 4-6 more weeks and then spring will surely be on its way!

Cara said...

I rearranged my apartment... It was initially arranged to keep my desk out of the hot easterly afternoon sun in the summer - now it's right in the direct path of light. Between 2 and 4 in the afternoon (on the few days I'm home then!) I love sitting at my desk. The best part is that it means my back is to the window, so I can't see the snow!

Janean said...

erica, i usually adore winter, but this year's been extra cold and cloudy.... i keep thinking it won't be long until the temps are in the 40-50's all the time...then summer!

group hug!

Michelle said...

I totally have the winter blues. I don't have much advice, as I am having THE biggest struggle with it, but just enjoy the small things, the random things that life brings your way. Focus your attention on the good and spring will be here soon enough. Oh and take extra vitamin D!

erica-knits said...

Oh Janean, good idea, group hugs all around.
Cara, arranging your desk to received the sun without looking at the snow is a great idea.
Christine and Michelle, we'll make it through. It's a new month, we're almost there!

Erica! I took your idea to heart, I've been making sure to get some outside activity and running in every day. It helps. thanks

Julie said...

Making plans for the future, and hanging out with friends tends to cheer me up. Also I agree with one of the earlier comments about redecorating- definitely is a great pick me up!

MissMadeline said...

i've currently been suffering from such an infliction.

i plan on running away to humid place with clear water. and then i cuddle with my cat. that's how i deal with it. also, listen to iron & wine and pretend it's a hot summer evening.

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