A Fantastic Weekend.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

When Anabela invited me to come with her to the American Apparel rummage sale with her this past Friday and I couldn't say yes quick enough! One of the most exciting things about living in the big city to a girl from a small town is the possibility of an exclusive sale!

The excitement waned a little upon taking a look at the lineup. Eep! (This doesn't even fully capture the insanity.)But, we forged on.
I left with a nice pea-coat in a burgundy color that seems to be discontinued on the site.
Our pal Caitlyn picked up another cute winter jacket, and Geoff and Anabela found a few goodies as well, but I'll let them tell you about it. :)On Saturday, a group of us went out to see Fantastic Mr. Fox, and yes it was (fantastic, that is). I won't tell you more, you'll just have to see it, too. Now I'm rounding off the weekend with some homework accompanied by Sufjan Stevens's Songs for Christmas.
Hope your weekend was equally fantastic, and if you celebrated American Thanksgiving over the weekend I hope it was lovely and delicious!


Julie said...

I loved Fantastic Mr. Fox! I saw it yesterday, and was not disappointed (like I was when I saw Where the Wild Things Are). Such an amazing little fairytale.

erica-knits said...

I still haven't seen WTWTA, but all I've heard is disappointment. I think I will wait until it is out on DVD. Weren't the little outfits so cute?!

tara-lynn said...

oh i'm anxious to see that with enid & i read to luke when he was still wee enough...
our family loved the wild things, just sayin, enid was really touched by it too, & still talks about a particular bittersweet scene at the end...(of course when the book was first published it also received harsh critiques)

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