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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

(via The Thinking Tank, original source unknown)

1. This knitting pattern (sent to me by Miss Print). Perhaps, finally a good start to go about making this.
2. The DV by Dolce Vita Blast Boot. (via Kate at For Me-For You) I may have just bought some practical winter boots, but now I'm obsessed with this pair.
3. The Lula Scrapbook.
4. Kate Miss's Mini Pies.
5. Knitting up some cosy wool socks. I'd love to knit up something as elaborate as the cabled socks in the above picture, but for a more immediate result I'll probably knit up a simple pair.
6. Pumpkin Cupcakes! (via A Cup of Jo)
7. Cute post on Selbu Mittens with a Troll!
8. What I Wore Today Flickr group.


katrina said...

lovely post!
i really want to be able to make some pretty socks like that eventually

Kaye Prince said...

Those cable-knit socks are amazing - too bad I only knit scarves! Maybe I could sew some socks...I have feeling that wouldn't be nearly as comfortable.

Team Knit ! said...

That sock picture is so inspiring, and cozy!! Thanks for the link on the mini pies, I'm going to have to try those!

- Julie

Janean said...

i'm a sock, cap, scarf knitter(anything fairly quick). these patterns look great! really like your blog.

erica-knits said...

Katrina, I'm sure you will! As long as you have someone, or at least a great video tutorial to walk you through turning the heel, you'll be fine.

Kaye, a sewn sock?! I'm thinking maybe in fleece, a fleece slipper sock. Actually that sounds great! Make it happen!

Julie, I think everything is better looking when it's mini, especially mini pies! If anyone can knit those fancy cable socks, it's you. They look really cosy.

Janean, Thanks! I agree, I always come back to the simple and quick knit projects. They win me over every time.

JASMINE said...

ohhhh so cozy, i want my feet to be in that picture right now.

this year will be the year i finally learn to knit socks.

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