The Importance of Writing Letters

Friday, 18 September 2009

(photo via simplesong's etsy)
Moving away from friends and family is a hard thing to do and it takes a few things to make it better:
  • Unlimited long-distance phone plans
  • Internet connections
  • Comfort items like handmade blankets and stuffed toys
  • A lovely boyfriend who joined me on the adventure (actually #1)
  • Meeting new people
  • Exploring your new living arrangements
  • Having daily adventures
But most of all, nothing solves homesickness better than care packages and postcards in the mail. Thanks to some lovely friends and family I've received goofy postcards from their vacations, a set of teas to warm me up this fall, tried and true recipes, and little care packages full of kitchen goodies from my Mom. Returning the favor has me currently on the hunt for cute cards and goofy postcards, along with little goodies package into envelopes. My current go-to for cards in Toronto is the Kensignton store Kid Icarus and I'm always sure to find cute cards on etsy, like the ones pictured above from simple song designs. Nothing else brings me more joy than coming home to a full mailbox of hand-written letters and I certainly want to pass that joy along.


anabela / fieldguided said...

Aw! I'm sure it will get better -- but a handwritten note or letter is always a treasure, no matter what! Hooray for adventures!

Michelle said...

I love Kid Icarus. Another lovely store for cards (and other lovely goodies that I always need to refrain from buying)...Red Pegasus on College (at Grace). - Michelle (I've been following your blog for awhile and never had the guts to comment, so Hello!)

erica-knits said...

Anabela, I should clarify that I absolutely love it here in Toronto. You and Geoff certainly helped make the transition an easy one. Thanks for being great friends.

Michelle, thanks for commenting! (I totally have to work up the guts to comment, too) I'm glad you did. Thanks for the recommendation, I might make my way down there today!

Paper Pastries said...

Letters are the best part of a day!

Becky said...

Care packages and enjoying exploring new places and finding your new haunts are all funness! Love your blog btw!

My Donkey Revolution said...

hey erica. found your blog when i was trying to write on 'why handwritten letters are important'. jus the thing i needed. i took the comments of a couple of friends as audience input. hope you don mind. wonderful is your blog as is the thought. Keep going!!!

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