Printed Totes

Monday, 13 April 2009

Classes just wrapped up last week, finishing with my very first academic presentation of my undergrad thesis. I had been stressing about that presentation for a year, then all of the sudden it was over! Now I'm stuck in that period before exams where I feel like I'm done, but actually I have to study quite a bit.

I've found so many inspiring ideas that I want to try out.
The first of which is Lena Corwin's Printing by Hand Classes, unfortunately I'll be no where near Brooklyn, so I think her book will have to suffice.
Her prints are so inspiring. If I can make one printed tote this summer I will feel complete!

(all photos from ~>O<~)


M @ Zip Zest Zing said...

I love her prints to and I have been wanting to get the book and try a project....I'm worried though that it will be yet another project I won't get around to

aimlessambition said...

We should do that at knitting next week. You know, instead of knitting.

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