Candy Store Collective

Friday, 24 April 2009

I really like the dress selection at the Candy Store Collective (via Oh Joy!)
I'm so eager to buy some spring/summer clothes but nice ones are so hard to find in small towns.
I wish a local store stocked these!


aimlessambition said...

Luckily for you you'll soon be living in a big city with loads of shops like this!

Kirsten said...

I know what you mean, it's so difficult to find cute clothes in small towns. The Joe line at Superstore doesn't really cut it, does it? This is the exact problem I'm having at the moment. I love to try stuff on before buying it, so online shopping isn't that fun for me. Sigh, well, thankfully I'll be visiting Toronto this summer and can stock up ;)

nikole said...

i like the second

Luke in Progress said...

I'll post for you.

"Shoes are weird.
I don't understand them.
Here is a picture of a pair of shoes that I do not understand and would hope you agree with me are, in fact, weird.
Agree?Thus wrapping up our weird shoe post."

YnR said...

The red and cream stripped dress is perfect for the summer! I love the pockets and how it poofs out at the bottom. I doubt I'd be able to find these dresses in my town as well. Not too many unique pieces here I think

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