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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Through Jeana Sohn's blog today I found a link to a touching article by Victoria Namkung in the Huffington Post on the Bone Marrow registry.

I've been on the Canadian Bone Marrow registry, called One Match, for four years now.
I've never gotten the phone call saying I'm a match, but if I did I would drop everything to donate. The process to get on the registry did require my to have a small amount of blood taken by needle. Which I admit is scary, and I always have to look the other way.

The Canadian Blood Services also overseas blood donations. Blood donations take around an hour, and finish with juice and a cookie. (If you're into rewards, like me) There are quite a few donor restrictions in Canada, so unfortunately not everyone can donate regularly or at all, however it is good to try. I should mention that in my own experience I do get nervous before donations so I always tell the nurses that I will be looking away. The nurses are always attentive and really kind. I've also found that it doesn't hurt after the needle goes in, and that time passes pretty quickly.
For more information, click on the links.


erica said...

thanks for posting about this. i joined the bone marrow registry last year and would drop everything to donate, too. since i'm korean american, it's especially important to be included on the list.

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