Weekend Sewing

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Luke mentioned he was putting in an amazon order the other day and kindly asked if I would like to order any for myself.... why yes, of course!
So, around the end of March, Heather Ross's book Weekend Sewing will be in my hands. Which is almost perfect timing because school will have slowed down and I will finally have time again to sew. I think I associate sewing with summer because that's when I find the time to haul out the machine and get down to business. Thankfully, Weekend Sewing appears to be full of perfect summer projects.
I think the first two things out of the book I will make are an apron and a little tent.
I think I will start small.


Christine said...

I can't wait to get this book! It looks like the perfect summer sewing inspiration.

aimlessambition said...

...Why a tent? Btw, how was knitting yesterday? Did you get my text?

fleur_delicious said...

i'm with you, I can't wait to break out the machine over break; I spent last night cutting triangles to make a garland for a friend, but what I'd really like to do (if I can pull it off) is to make...oh gosh, there are about three things I'd like to do: a built by wendy blouse in green silk charmeuse, a little belt/corset thing like the one Teen Vogue featured in their "blues traveller" editorial (note to self: buy gingham!), or a dress out of this beautiful slubby silk I got at the start of the year...

wow, now I REALLY don't want to finish this last paper.

When are you done/off?

erica-knits said...

Yes, Christine, I cannot wait for it to arrive!

Kira, A tent because, who doesn't need a little fabric tent? I think it stems from the absence of forts in my youth. I love the idea of a little hideaway. Also, no one else was down for knitting this week, so next week?

Fleur_delicious: I've always wanted to make a garland!! I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm sure you will be able to sew all of those things with your determination!
I get finished officially on the 20th of April! you?

fleur_delicious said...

today! Well, technically today. I'm entering the last bibliographic references on my last paper.

However, I still have to grade my students' papers AND final projects, enter all the data, properly weight it, and record/turn in grades by Friday.

But I figure I can do a bit of fun stuff over the next few days while hashing out papers, and next week's my official "break"

I have cleaning and cooking to do for the holiday today, but as soon as this paper's sent off, I'm going to sit down and sew 10 or 20 triangles so that I can start pressing them later tonight! (I like my garlands to all be sewn and finished, so that they can be used over and over again AND washed without any fraying.) I'll definitely post pics as soon as I get them all stitched up!

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