Mid-Thigh Denim Shorts

Saturday, 7 March 2009


Not that it is anywhere near warm enough to sport shorts here, but I'm already dreaming of spring and summer wear. Now, I love denim cut-offs, but ever since the reincarnation of Daisy Duke by Jessica Simpson, all I could find in stores were teeny tiny, bum exposing, short shorts. Not exactly what I wanted...

As soon as I saw this picture on of Sarah Ruston on AltamiraNYC, I exclaimed "hallelujah!" Finally, shorts with a mid-thigh inseam. Now, I realize that I could find a pair of baggy men's jeans in a thrift store and cut them off to my liking. However, part of me is hoping the perfect pair made for women will arrive in stores shortly. Either way, this spring, mid-thigh cut-offs will be mine!!



  1. I don't know if it's just me, but that bottom picture made me think the woman was homeless. I know shabby chic is big in France (at least it was when I was there), but it's not for me.

    The lady up top does it better, imho.

  2. But Kira, shabby chic is well, chic! Look up FW08 by Alexander Wang (or any Alexander Wang collection for that matter) to view the re-birth of shabby chic/grunge. Isn't it funny that in the first picture her shorts are more distressed and yet she does look more put together. I hadn't noticed really until you pointed it out, but it's true. Admittedly, I'd still wear either... ;)

  3. Well, you could pull off. Have you seen Balenciaga's new collection? It's all about the punjabi pants / harem pants, only they're actually draped skirts that just LOOK like punjabi pants (which were exclusively worn by men among the upper classes of the Ottoman empire in the classical period)...
    Fashion is strange.

  4. Hi There!
    I just found you via your comment on Sarah's Windy Days blog. I wanted to say hi to a fellow young blogger. :)

    I hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday! :)


  5. I love these denim cut-offs, but I am not sold on the tights under shorts look yet... But I do appreciate that these ladies are pulling off shorts with heels without looking trashy. Last year I got a pair of women's 501s and cut them off - total perfection. Since they are women's they fit well, but since they are the out-dated 501 fit, they had a vintage/high waisted quality!

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