Lenka "The Show"

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Happy song, cute video.
Today I finished the second last paper of my B.A.!
Tonight Luke made me supper, brought me the film he got developed for me, then we watched a movie.


aimlessambition said...

Aww, the puppet birds and tomatoes were awesome! I can't decide if that guy on the bus was cute or creepy, though.

Windy Days said...

i LOVE this song! i listened to it on repeat for awhile. i guess it kind of describes how i feel at the moment...

erica-knits said...

Kira, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the video. I agree the "cute" nerd does walk the line between cute and creepy... He needs to work on being more charmingly awkward instead of threateningly awkward.

Windy Days. I bet her song came out in Australia long ago! I do feel like this song fits my life, too. :)

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